World Hereford Conference 9th-13th of March 2020 in NEW ZEALAND

Country Reports & Keynote Presentations along with Photos and other Information from the World Hereford Conference available HERE!

The Next World Hereford Conference will be held in Kansas, USA in July 2024!

Please send a report with the highlights of the year (2020/2021) and other news in your country to and they will be added to the member countries page - Click HERE for various country's reports to date!

Recent Updates: 

  • Next World Hereford Conference to be held in Kansas, USA in 2024
  • March 30th 2021 Successful virtual world meeting of WHC
  • March 2021 New Director of Operations at the Hereford Cattle Society, UK 
  • February 2021 New CEO at Herefords Australia
  • January 2021 New  address and Chairman Hereford Association Finland
  • December 2020 New address for the German Hereford Association
  • March 2020 Larry Feeney (Ireland) elected as Secretary General at the World Hereford Conference in New Zealand. Larry succeeded Jose (Pepe) Bonica who served 2 consecutive terms 2012-2016 & 2016-2020.

Secretary General - Larry Feeney


Secretary General: Larry Feeney (Ireland)
Postal: Ledwithstown House, Ballymahon,
                Co Longford. N39 HP68

"To preserve, and improve, globally, the inherited constitution,  integrity and docility of the breed of cattle known as Herefords which has enabled it to thrive in extreme climatic and feeding conditions throughout it's history."