World Hereford Conference 9th-13th of March in NEW ZEALAND

Recent attendees at the World Hereford Conference 2020 (held 9-13 March in Queenstown) may have been exposed to COVID-19. NZ Herefords is working closely with the Ministry of Health. If you have health concerns, please contact your local GP

Please send a report with the highlights of the year (2019) in your country to and they will be added to the member countries page. This makes it easier for everyone to keep upto date with the happenings in each country. Thank you.

Recent Updates: 

  • November 14th 2019; Member countries, new contact for Kazakhstan
  • September 27th 2019; Member pages - Member Countries - Denmark, new contact information. 
  • February 12th 2019; Member countries - Danish report AND invitation to the 50th anniversary in July 2019

Secretary General

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"To preserve, and improve, in the United Kingdom and elsewhere,
the inherited constitution, purity and docility of the breed of cattle
known as Herefords which has enabled it to thrive in extreme
climatic and feeding conditions throughout it's history."